About Me

James Small


I started as a camera operator for the television industry over 20 years ago and i have not looked back. I can honestly say i love what i do and since entering the freelance world where i could put my camera and editing skills into producing both personal and corporate films, is definitely a reflection of my passion for the job i adore.

Why I Filming

I have always been intrigued by cameras and so it was a small step from gaining my photography badge in the scouts to studying media in university where i majored in photography. From there i moved behind television cameras in my first job at Teddington Studios and the rest as they say is history.

Why I Editing

To be able to edit a Wedding, Barmitzvah or party and watch how the day comes together, then present it to the client and get such positive feedback completes the process of filming and makes it all so worth while.

Why I  My Job

I have been lucky enough to film everything from Music, to live T.V (including most cookery shows, This Morning, The Wright Stuff) and high end sports events (The F.A Cup, Wimbledon) Every day is different.